Located in the South Coast, Hveragerði is in one of the most geothermally active and picturesque regions of Iceland. The small town charm of Hveragerði and the mountains, waterfalls and beaches of the South Coast are breathtaking and well worth exploring.

In the heart of the village, The Old Skyr Factory is a vital part of village life. Explore our geothermal park (part of what makes the area so special), our village park and the surrounding shops and businesses. With its warmed earth and plentiful hot water and renewable energy, the ground is an ideal place to cultivate produce, flowers and other vegetation in an otherwise somewhat inhospitable environment. Not only is Hveragerði home to the horticulture department of the National Agriculture University, but the home gardens of Hveragerði are also said to be the envy of the nation.

Welcome to the South Coast
Due to its location in the South Coast, Hveragerði is the perfect home base from which to go on short excursions to see Iceland’s most iconic historic sites and natural wonders. Thingvellir, birthplace of Iceland’s parliament, magnificent waterfalls, black sand beaches, glacier lagoons, geysers, farms dating back to the time of Vikings and lava caves are all easily accessible from The Old Skyr Factory.

Sites & Activities
The Old Skyr Factory is uniquely located to make it a great place to engage is some truly uncommon activities such as baking bread in hot springs and geothermal bathing. You might even visit geothermally powered greenhouses or a round of golf among the hot springs with steam that originated deep within the earth rising from the ground. The valleys just north of the village — Reykjadalur and Gufudalur — are popular among hikers and sightseers, especially when they stop for a dip in the thermal pools where the hot springs run into the Reykjadalsá river.