The Old Skyr Factory takes great pride in its heritage. It’s legacy as a historic assembly house, skyr dairy and inn, color the way The Old Skyr Factory takes shape to this day.
Assembly House & Skyr Dairy
In 1930 the house was built by the Ölfus county council with a twin purposes in mind: as a village assembly house (or “þinghús” in Icelandic, as the locals still call it) and as a skyr dairy.

The house itself was designed by the Icelandic state architect Guðjón Samúelsson, who left his mark on the country with his iconic style, including modern-day masterpieces like Hallgrímskirkja church and the National Theater in Reykjavík.

The skyr dairy produced the local dairy association’s main product, skyr, and was the first to manufacture yogurt in Iceland, which they bottled in glass and sold as heilsumjólk or “healthy milk”.

To this day, The Old Skyr Factory produces skyr in the traditional way and incorporates skyr into the cafe and restaurant menus giving them a tasty and distinctly Icelandic flavor.

The Heart of Hveragerði
Since its inception as a dairy and assembly house, the building became the cultural center for the surrounding community. And from the middle of the 20th century it has served the community as a restaurant and guesthouse.

The Old Skyr Factory is where the local people gathered when to dance, go to the movies, get married or celebrate for any other reason. And over the years, the house became Hveragerði’s collective home.

The Old Skyr Factory

Guided tours
Take a peek into history and explore the heritage and history of one of the oldest skyr-making facilities in Iceland. At the Old Skyr Factory our master skyrmaker will show the original way of making skyr, you will see some of the old utilities that were used to make skyr in the past, and you will also taste the difference between the old skyr and the skyr made today.

Duration of tour is around 30 min.

The milk used for the skyr-making comes directly from the farm Hvammur, which is the last operating dairy farm in the Ölfus region.

Our Banquet Hall