The Old Skyr Factory Restaurant

Note that due to Covid-19, we are only open for lunch mon-fri, 11.30-13.30.
Christmas dinner and brunch on weekends 27th of November - 13th of December.

Where Iceland Comes Home to Eat Out
Historically The Old Skyr Factory was built as the town’s assembly hall and skyr dairy, and to this day the restaurant serves as a place where villagers and visitors gather to enjoy homemade skyr, a hearty, homemade meal in a warm atmosphere steeped in history and character.

Meals are simple and affordable, but cooked with care from scratch using local, high quality ingredients. And true to its legacy, The Old Skyr Factory Restaurant features our house-made skyr throughout the menu.

The Menu
As one of the main gathering places in Hveragerði, The Old Skyr Factory offers different menus throughout the day.
Beginning at 11:30 the lunch menu offers daily specials and lighter fare alongside a few heartier meals, including Icelandic favorites like lamb soup and plokkfiskur whitefish casserole.

At 5:30 pm the dinner menu features a broad range of homemade meals including char-grilled organic meats, local seafood dishes and several vegetarian/vegan options.

The bar is open from lunch with a selection of wines, microbrews and craft cocktails including our legendary skyr mojito.
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